Whitepaper: A Commonsense Framework for Social Media Measurement

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Social media measurement should be an integral part of any outreach program, but it is often difficult for organizations to work it into the mix. What should be measured? What matters? How can we set benchmarks?

We believe in building measurement into every campaign and program and have developed a framework to use for measurement. In the pursuit of helping our clients, friends and even competitors to do that, we are publishing this whitepaper.

We believe that the more quality social media programs there are, the better is is for everyone.

The whitepaper, embedded below, is excerpted from the book, Welcome to the Fifth Estate, by Geoff Livingston, one of the original founders and former executive of Zoetica. It was written by Kami Watson Huyse, a current partner and CEO of Zoetica.

Here are Kami’s original posts about this subject, upon which the whitepaer is based:

In the whitepaper, the thoughts of some foundational thinkers on the subject of social media measurement are included. We want to thank our mentors for blazing the path for the thoughts in this paper. Among these people are: Katie Paine, Avinash Kaushik, Jason Falls, Augie Raye, Jeremiah Owyang, Dr. Walter K. Lindenmann, Olivier Blanchard, Iain McDonald, and Linda Childers Hon and James E. Grunig.

Commonsense Framework to Measure Social Media


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    Thank you for providing your insight regarding the measurement of social media programs. Our challenge is to now implement the most effective campaigns and measure them with the techniques you highlight.


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